T in the Park
T In The Park moved from Balado, Kinross to Strathallan Park, Perthshire in 2015 Aaron Bassett/ Flickr

Festival-goers will not be flocking to T In The Park in 2017 as organisers have cancelled the music event. In a statement released on 24 November, the Scottish festival said they have faced a "challenging couple of years" and have decided to take a break next summer.

T In The Park, one of the UK's most popular music festivals, often attracts a large audience and has featured headline performances from The Stone Roses, Rihanna, Arctic Monkeys and Eminem. Confirming its departure from the festival scene next year, organisers blamed the event's move from Balado, Kinross in 2015 to Strathallan Castle, Perthshire.

The statement read: "To the best audience in the world. For over 23 years, T in the Park has been at the heart of Scotland's music scene – with you, by our side. But for now, sadly, we need to take a break.

"The last couple of years have had their challenges. Against our will, and despite a prolonged fight, we were forced to move from Balado, Kinross in 2015. This move was a mammoth task for the event and one that was compounded by a series of onerous site restrictions placed upon us as preparations for the event in 2015 took place."

The news has been met with mixed reactions from fans of the festival, with one commiserating: "Devastating news about T In The Park. Best weekend of the year by a mile," while another said: "I feel genuinely upset for the people who have never experienced T in the Park when it was at Balado."

Another disappointed festival-goer weighed in: "T in the park is taking a break, worst news I've heard," and another added: "As if this day couldny get any worse T in the park announce they've taken a break, gutting."

However, some welcomed the news with one noting the deaths that occurred at the 2016 festival, stating: "Am I the only one that thinks that T in the Park taking a break next year is actually good thing? I mean, 3 [2 people] died at it this year." Another chimed in: "T in the Park taking a year out is good... Turned to a f*****g mess after moving from Balado. Drugs and trouble everywhere. Needed sorting."

According to the festival, they also came up against the Scottish government who demanded they obtain planning permission due to the presence of an osprey's nest. Ospreys are a protected species and it is against the law to disturb them during breeding season.

Concluding their statement, organisers said: "We tried our best to work with the pressures placed upon the site by bringing in an additional team and fixing the first year traffic issues, but ultimately we're not in control of the overall site layout and the continued restrictions means that the negative impact on our fans and the limitations placed on their experience is too great.

"We now need to take stock and take a year out to try to resolve the issues so that we can once again deliver the kind of camping festival you are used to and deserve," they added before signing off: "Until the next time..."

Stone Roses
The Stone Roses were among headliners at T In The Park in 2016 Getty