Fans are petitioning for "Insatiable" Season 3 because they do not want to be left in the dark on what happens next after that cliffhanger of a Season 2 finale.

A fan started the "Petition for Insatiable Season 3" shortly after reports revealed that Netflix cancelled the series after two seasons. The fan claimed that the black comedy led by Debby Ryan showed potential in Season 2 for more stories. Thus, it should not have been axed.

"It is simply disrespectful the way in which NETFLIX has been cancelling series with open endings and that shakes fans a lot. This petition intends to try to get NETFLIX's attention to ask for at least a worthy ending for the series," reads the petition on addressed to Netflix, Netflix Brasil, and Netflix Canada.

As of this writing, it has already gained 1,398 signatures of its goal of 1,500. Other supporters chimed in and called "Insatiable" a "great show" that deserved a proper ending.

"One of the few shows on Netflix that has captivated me with its humour," one fan wrote. Another commented, "This show helped me understand my compulsive eating habit and it made me feel nice that I was not alone."

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"Insatiable" Season 2 ended with Bob Armstrong (Dallas Roberts) imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. Patty (Ryan) assured him that she will find a way to get him out no matter what it takes. Coralee (Alyssa Milano), Bob's wife, is pregnant and she does not know who the baby's father is (her husband or Robert Barnard, played by Christopher Gorham).

Now fans will never know what happens next, as Netflix has axed the series. It is not known what led to the cancellation but it usually boils down to viewership. According to Screenrant, the Season 2 numbers may not have been enough to warrant a Season 3.

Likewise, the second season went by with hardly any media attention. It did not receive enough buzz to start people talking about a possible "Insatiable" Season 3. It was reportedly only renewed for a second run following the backlash it received for allegedly promoting fat-shaming. Since the negative press died down, so did the chances of the show returning to Netflix.

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