A weatherman from the US state of Alabama has become a viral sensation on the internet after he apparently bends down and farts during a live TV broadcast.

The hilarious viral incident happened when Chris Dunn from Alabama-based broadcaster WPMI was reading out the temperatures. In the video, which was posted on Snapchat first, Dunn can be seen taking a pause while reading out the temperatures between cities "Pensacola" and "Destin" to seemingly let the gas leak.

The hilarious video, titled "Weatherman Forecasts a Fart", has since then received more than 600, 000 views after being posted on Reddit on Wednesday (5 September) and attracted over 1100 comments.

"That was a forced out fart," one Reddit user said, while another pointed that the man intentionally "stopped speaking mid sentence to add the extra force".

"You're not kidding he literally aimed his ass out of camera view. He was probably thinking the camera couldn't hear his fart. This is incredible," one user wrote on the American social news aggregation and discussion website.

Weatherman Chris Dunn
Weatherman Chris Dunn was reading out the temperatures when he paused visibly to let the gas leak Reddit/ screengrab

But some people did not seem convinced. One user Frebdignabliaq wrote, "This is 100 per cent fake and he was just doing a silly little skootch to show Destin on the map. The fart noise was supplied by someone else."

User RelatableRetard9 agreed with Frebdignabliaq and said, "100 per cent not a real fart."

But another user named EZ-Pizza disagreed with the two, saying: "You're 100 per cent sure? Were you observing his butthole when this happened? Revealing the temperature in Destin explains that awkward lean he did, but it doesn't explain the fart sound.

"It could've been his shoe, it could've been added in post ... or it could've been an actual fart that slipped out when he did that lean. We'll never know ... at least not until we see more evidence."