Fast and Furious 8
Fast and Furious 8 stars Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto Universal Pictures

Charlize Theron's villainous role Cipher has been touted as one of the best till date in Fast and Furious franchise by producer and actor Vin Diesel. While the filming for Fast 8 is in full swing, the movie's composer Brian Tyler has teased that Cipher will get more sympathy from fans.

"It's like a siren kind of thing," Tyler, who has previously composed for four Fast and Furious films, told EW. "There's no question the havoc and villainy she brings [but] you're attracted to it. There's something where you can kind of see yourself in this villain that makes it more disturbing and, at the same time, more interesting. It's the sympathetic villains, in a way, who really get under your skin."

Hailing Theron's performance in the upcoming action thriller, the 44-year-old American composer compared Cipher with fan favourite villains Hannibal Lecter. "In a much different way, but like how Anthony Hopkins did Hannibal Lecter, where you like him, but you're like, 'Wait, why am I doing that? I shouldn't be rooting for this person.' She has that ability to do that. She's just a fantastic actor."

Back in May, Diesel raved about the Oscar-winning actress and lauded her performance in Fast 8. "Wait until you meet Cipher," he wrote in his Facebook post. "Of all her films you have never seen this character [Theron] has created... she has truly brought her A game to this saga and we are all grateful for it."

The franchise is trying to fill the void created by Paul Walker by adding new names to its already popular cast ensemble. Scott Eastwood, son of Hollywood veteran Clint Eastwood, was roped in for the action thriller franchise and there are rumours that he will play a major role, trying to fill in the gaping hole left by Walker.

Furious 8 also stars Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Bridges, Eva Mendes and Kristofer Hivju and will hit theatres on 14 April 2017.