aya parker
Aya Parker was killed by her father Lee Parker at a flat in Kingswood, South Gloucestershire. Avon and Somerset Police

An enraged father has admitted killing his six-month-old daughter by banging her head against a door whilst in a drunken rage on Christmas Day.

Lee Parker killed his defenceless six-month-old baby, Aya, by hitting her head on a bathroom door after drinking two bottles of wine and a third of a bottle of vodka.

The 33-year-old pleaded guilty to a single charge of murder on the day he was due to stand trial at Bristol Crown Court on Monday (3 July).

Parker, from Kingswood, South Gloucestershire, said through lawyers that he has no recollection of the incident but accepted he was to blame for the death of his own daughter.

The court had heard that Parker's mother Zofia Kucharczyk left Parker looking after Aya while she went out for the night with her new partner.

At some time between 6pm Christmas Eve and 1am Christmas morning, when Parker called 999, the child was found unresponsive.

For the Crown, Richard Smith QC said Parker never explained what happened at his home on the night of Aya's death, although he did tell paramedics he awoke to find her not breathing.

"Between 6pm on Christmas Eve and 1am on Christmas Day morning, when this defendant made the 999 call, he inflicted grievous and fatal injuries on his own baby daughter," Smith said.

"Something catastrophic happened between father and daughter. The defendant assaulted her in such a way that she suffered fatal injuries."

The court heard that a post mortem revealed that Aya died from blunt force trauma injuries to the head, consistent with being struck against something more than once, reported the Mirror.

The baby also suffered an injury to her jaw at some time between two and four hours before she died and fatal head injuries no more than two hours before she died.

The court also heard that Lee Parker had traces of cannabis and cocaine in his blood with the drugs taken in the 24 hours before the child was found dead.

Dean Armstrong QC, defending Parker, said: "It is certainly the case that he cannot offer an explanation and has no memory of what happened that night.

"This was completely out of character and perhaps for inexplicable reasons. It was contrary to all that had gone on before. We cannot offer any explanation."

Parker will be sentenced on Tuesday (4 July).