The 20<sup>th anniversary of the murder of child beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey has been causing a media storm over the past week. The unsolved murder case has again been revisited as the victim's now 29-year-old brother, Burke Ramsey, finally spoke about the tragic incident in a series of televised interviews on The Dr Phil Show.

But in a new two-part series about JonBenét's death, former FBI special agent Jim Clemente has voiced his opinions. Two decades on – along with his team of experts analysing the evidence – there is agreement as to the identity of the person whom they believe is responsible for the murder.

He told "We all came to one complete theory that explains everything that happened. When a six-year-old innocent girl is killed and never got justice, that case is going to bother you. It bothers me.

JonBenet Ramsey was murdered at the age of six CBS

"The world has heard so many false rumours. The people of the community need to know the truth so they can put pressure on the district attorney. We really want this case to be solved. It's important for her to be able to rest in peace," he added.

Clemente will reveal his full theory in The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey, which premieres on Monday (19 September) on Channel Nine in the US.

burke ramsey
Burke Ramsey speaks about his sister's murder Dr Phil Show

Ever since the American six-year-old's death in 1996, the world has been engrossed with JonBenét's murder, which is shrouded in mystery. Her body was found in the basement of the family home after she went missing for eight hours on that fateful day.

She was found underneath 'her blanket' and she had been struck on the head and strangled. Her family – who were suspected of the killing shortly as the only people in the home that day – were cleared in 2008 following new DNA evidence. The case remains open.

Brother Ramsey – who was just nine years old when his sister was murdered on their unassuming street in Boulder, Colorado – has been featured in a three-part series on Dr Phil where he has spoken about JonBenét's murder in some detail.

He received criticism from viewers after nervously smiling while discussing his sister's death to the talk show host, but body language expert Judi James exclusively explained his reasoning in an interview with IBTimes UK last week.

He also insinuated that JonBenét's life in the public eye played a major part in her murder. So could he be blaming her parents John and Patsy?

Clemente added: "She was exposed to more people in the world. Most six-year-olds live sheltered lives, she was out there in public, in parades ... she could have been noticed by a sexual offender."

Analysts will take a fresh approach in solving the killing, as a suspect named Gary Olivia, 52, is investigated after being found with a photograph of JonBenét in his backpack in December 2000, along with a stun gun.

It is thought that the victim was silenced with a stun gun before being brutally murdered, so the documentary aims to explore evidence from over the years in detail.

JonBenet Ramsey
Six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey was found murdered in her upscale Colorado home the morning after Christmas in 1996. WikiCommons

Michael Helgoth – whose family owned a junkyard in the city – will also be explored, along with brother Burke who came under fire for his awkwardness during the Dr Phil interviews last week. The third part of the interview is set to air this evening in the US.

On Burke's behaviour, Clemente said it was "irresponsible to try to do a personality assessment from a TV interview."

On 26 December 1996, John Ramsey and two of his friends began their search for JonBenét in the family home. After searching the bathroom and "the train room", they went into a "wine cellar" room – the basement – where John found his daughter's body covered in her special white blanket.

She was found dead with a nylon cord around her neck and her wrists were tied above her head. The results of the autopsy revealed that JonBenét was murdered by strangulation and a skull fracture.

In February 2009, the Boulder Police Department took the case back from the district attorney and reopened the investigation. The case remains unsolved to this day, despite several grand jury hearings.