FBI has reportedly unmasked a global financial network, which was used by a senior Isis operative to fund terror activities in the US -- under the cover of bogus eBay purchases.

According to a report from Wall Street Journal, a recently unsealed affidavit, which was filed in the federal court in Baltimore, alleges that Mohamed Elshinawy - a US citizen who pledged allegiance to Isis - received about $8,700 (£6,713) from the terrorist group under the cover of fake sale of computer printers via eBay. The payment was processed via PayPal.

Elshinawy was arrested more than a year ago in Maryland after FBI ran a lengthy surveillance operation and found first clues to the suspected network. The 30-something man reportedly told investigators that the payment sent by ISIS was solely for "operational purposes" within the U.S. He denied planning an attack on the country himself but admitted that the money was sent to fund operations like "terror attacks".

The report from WSJ, citing the FBI affidavit, also noted that Elshinawy was a part of a larger global network that funded terror activities from the UK to Bangladesh and was run by Siful Sujan — a senior Isis leader who was killed in a 2015 air strike.

Elshinawy pleaded not guilty to the charges of supporting the terrorist group and is now awaiting trial.

Despite several efforts by governments across the globe, terrorist organizations have been using vast-spanning methods for circumventing financial institutions and pumping money into their operations.

As noted by WSJ, a spokesperson for eBay said the company has "zero tolerance" for criminal activity and is working with law enforcement on the case, while a spokesperson for PayPal said the platform "invests significant resources" to report suspicious payment across the globe.