On Tuesday (13 October) the FC Metz U15 football club in France released video showing their junior football team training with a device called a SenseBall. The video has since become a viral hit on social media.

The video shows the team rhythmically kicking balls attached to a string in unison, the surreal scene is reminiscent of a dance routine. Use of the SenseBall is part of a method of training called CogiTraining and the SenseBall is its key tool.

SenseBall said in a written statement that CogiTraining and SenseBall is about maximising younger players training through drills and "improved brain organisation" and this according to SenseBall enables "faster decision-making and increased accuracy" in the players movements.

Bertrand Antoine, Head of pre-training at the FC Metz Youth Academy said: "'I strongly associate CogiTraining and SenseBall with the success and progress of our players". CogiTraining and SenseBall was designed by Michel Bruyninckx in collaboration with the University of Louvain over an 11 year period between 2000 and 2011.