Fear the Walking Dead season 3
Madison and Alicia look helplessly towards Nick who holds the detonator Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

Fear the Walking Dead season 3 ended on a shocking note as viewers of the show are not sure who else survived the crumbling dam and the flooded water other than Madison. In the two back-to-back finale episodes, the battle for water in the post-apocalyptic world again drifted the original survivors.

In the final scene, Nick and Daniel were seen standing calmly on the top of the dam as it crumbles beneath releasing the water through a violent current that pulled the boat in which Madison, Strand, and Alicia were trying to escape.

But by the end of the destruction, fans could see Madison surviving the flood and swimming towards the show while her daughter and Strand were nowhere to be seen. The show's co-creator and showrunner, Dave Erickson, who is leaving the series after the third season, however, is not sure whether the rest of the lead characters survive.

"If I were doing Season 4, I could say safely that they're not dead, but I'm not," he told Deadline. However, he did raise hope for Alicia and Strand by saying the scene was totally from Madison's point of view and that doesn't mean they are dead. "Everything we see, and all the suggestions that we have in that, it's Madison drowning, it's Madison in her death throes. I'd say just because we don't see Alicia or Strand, don't assume that they didn't get to shore in the same way that Madison did."

In the fourth season, FTWD will have a crossover with The Walking Dead and fans are still puzzled on how it will happen, especially TWD is more than five years ahead of the apocalypse. Rumours are abuzz that Abraham (played by Michael Cudlitz) will return from the dead to meet the characters from FTWD.

The outgoing showrunner, however, doesn't seem to agree with the crossover storyline. "I think that it's definitely something that's going to juice ratings," he told Deadline and added that: "My personal feeling is that the story is strong enough in Fear, that we could have easily continued for another two seasons, without the need for the crossover. But that said, I don't know how that's going to manifest. It could be something more amazing than anything I have imagined. So, I don't know that it taints it."