A website imagining an America where Hillary Clinton won the US presidential election has put its own spin on fake news.

The satirical news website HillarybeatTrump.org features stories such as "Clinton's presidency already in the all-time top 5" and "Trump denies mental illness, explaining 'I'm on tons of cocaine'".

Its tagline, "News from the real America, where the majority rules" reimagines the result of the election and how it would have affected the US and around the world.

In the About Us section of the website, it says: "In the midst of a constitutional crisis, this is our response. Long live the true president, Hillary Rodham Clinton."

The site also contains stories about the alt-right, fake news, Milo Yiannopoulos, Beyonce and Kellyanne Conway.

One story's headline reads: "Lazy reporting or fake news? Fox & Friends, Daily Caller mistakenly assert Trump 'is president'."

In one story, the writers imagine a Clinton press conference as "oppressively intelligent" and "too sane". Trump's first solo press conference as president hit the headlines after he launched a scathing attack on the mainstream media.

It is not clear whether the president is aware of the satirical site, but given its clear political leanings, it is safe to say this is one more news site that Trump will not take kindly to.