Minoo Khaleghi
Iranian MP Minoo Khaleghi has been banned from taking her seat in parliament Hamed Malekpour

An Iranian woman elected to parliament is to be prevented from taking up her post amid claims she removed her headscarf while on holiday outside of the Islamic Republic. Newly elected Minoo Khaleghi, who was one of 18 women to win sets in the Majlis at the recent general election, was accused of uncovering her hair while in China and Europe – in pictures the reformist List of Hope coalition member claimed were fake.

Following the emergence of the photographs, the Dispute Settlement Committee of Branches ruled Khaleghi could not be sworn in as a new MP, Fars news agency reported.

Her successful election saw her win a seat in Isfahan with 193,399 votes, but it had already been annulled by the Guardian Council, which had not previously given a reason for the decision to block her from taking her seat.

The 11 May hearing confirmed the Guardian Council's decision, despite Khalegi protesting the photos were fakes that had been used in an attempt to smear her name.

"I am a Muslim woman, adhering to the principles of Islam," she said according to New York Times, adding that the people who published the images were motivated by "political greed".

She added that she would be suing those who published the photos and is hoping the decision of the committee will be overturned by the country Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, who has the last word in cases such as these.