Jose Mourinho has claimed it is not fair to blame his former Chelsea defender David Luiz for Brazil's humiliating defeat against Germany - as the whole team made mistakes.

Luis Felipe Scolari's side suffered a hugely embarrassing 7-1 defeat to Germany in last night's World Cup semi-final, conceding the first five goals inside half an hour.

Many pundits have suggested Luiz is the man to blame, as he failed to cope with Thiago Silva's absence and made a fatal mistake in the opening goal scored by Thomas Muller from a corner.

"I don't think it's fair to separate a player from the team, because the team was really bad. David made mistakes? Yes he did. But, Dante made mistakes, Marcelo made mistakes, Fernandinho made mistakes. The team as a team made mistakes. So I don't think it's fair," Mourinho told Yahoo Sports.

Luis, who made a £40 move from Chelsea to Paris Saint Germain earlier this summer, has indeed been one of the best players in the World Cup, scoring two goals and forging an impressive partnership with Silva until the dramatic semi-final defeat.

"I think everyone in my situation, everyone that is a player, everyone that is a coach, everyone that is not involved in the World Cup, could be in that position," Mourinho added.

"I think all of us are feeling really sorry for them because it is a historical moment. A moment that we will remember forever the same way that we all know that once many, many, many years ago, once Brazil lost a World Cup final against Uruguay in America and the same way my son who is 14 years old knows that.

"In 50 years' time our kids will know that Brazil lost at home against Germany, 1-7. From my point of view, from the professional point of view, it's heart-breaking and I'm really sorry for them."

Just after the game Luiz himself apologised for the performance to all the Brazilian supporters.

"Apologies to all the Brazilian people. I just wanted to see my people smile" the former Chelsea star said.