Fifty Shades Darker movie will premiere in February 2017 but fans of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are eager to see them on screen as billionaire Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

There are rumours that the character of the billionaire entrepreneur Christian will turn dark in the upcoming movie, as his past secrets start unfolding before his love Anastasia.

The sequel of the erotic movie will largely be a thriller instead of a racy love story and this was confirmed by Donna Langley, chairman of Universal Pictures.

The movie will also introduce the notorious character of Mrs Robinson, who is responsible for introducing a young Christian to the infamous world of dominant and submissive relationships.

The naive college student will also have to deal with Christian's former submissives who are stalking her.

In EL James' best selling erotic novel trilogy, Ana learns that Elena Lincoln aka Mrs Robinson seduced her boyfriend when he was just 15 years old. Disgusted, she asks him to cut all ties with his mother's friend.

The filming for the second sequel in the erotic trilogy is yet to begin, mostly due to the absence of a director as Sam Taylor-Johnson has left the blockbuster franchise after directing the first movie.

Fans raved about Fifty Shades Of Grey, but critics thrashed it for the lack of a crisp story and sexual chemistry between the lead characters.

Universal Pictures has recently hired Niall Leonard, husband of author EL James, to write the script for the second part of the BDSM-themed movie series but there is no word from the producers about the director.