After the super success of Fifty Shades Of Grey, Universal Pictures has confirmed its sequel Fifty Shades Darker, with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson as lead cast.

While most of the star cast for the erotic movie franchise will return for the sequel, the hunt is on to find the most controversial character of Mrs Robinson, the molester turned friend of billionaire Christian Grey.

In the erotic novel, written by EL James, Anastasia Steel learns about Christian's dark teen life when he comes in contact with his mother's friend Elena Lincoln, who Ana knows as Mrs Robinson.

Christian has an intense BDSM affair with Elena when he is only 15 years old and it is she who introduces Ana's billionaire boyfriend to the sadomasochistic world of dominant and submissive roles.

Meanwhile, Universal Pictures has revealed the first look of Dornan in the erotic movie sequel. In the picture, Dornan is putting on a masquerade ball mask as he stares at himself in the mirror.

Fans have started guessing on who can live the character in the best possible way and Fashion and Style has come up with its own list of stars with the potential to play Mrs Robinson; Catherine Zeta Jones, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Halle Berry, Denise Richards and Charlize Theron could all be potential candidates.

Singer Rita Ora has already confirmed her return to the erotic movie to reprise her role of Mia Grey, Christian's little sister.

The latest update about the movie is that Niall Leonard, the novelist James's husband, has joined the popular franchise as the script writer.

"Niall is an outstanding writer in his own right, with multiple established credits, and we are lucky to have him join Team Fifty," producer Michael De Luca told the Hollywood Reporter.

The production house is trying hard to make the second movie a critics' favourite, especially after the bad reviews of the first movie.

The Sam Taylor-Johnson directed erotic movie became a blockbuster by earning a whopping $566 million worldwide but was thrashed by critics who could not find any chemistry between Dornan and Johnson. They felt that the actor duo failed to portray the sexual and magnetic chemistry between the two lead characters of the novel.

However, Universal Pictures has a mammoth task ahead to hire a director to helm the popular franchise before beginning filming of the BDSM-themed movie as Taylor-Johnson has left the high profile project after her tiff with James. Fifty Shades Darker is set to premiere on 10 February 2017.