Fifty Shades Of Grey
The theatrical ending to Fifty Shades Of Grey mirrored the scene in which characters Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey meet YouTube) (Universal Pictures

Fifty Shades Of Grey will be released as an unrated edition on Blu-ray and DVD on 8 May in the US and it's been revealed that it will feature an alternative ending to the one viewers saw in the cinema.

While the theatrical version of the movie ends abruptly on Ana and Christian fighting, and subsequently breaking up over his rather unconventional desires, there appears to be some previously unreleased story to be told after those lift doors close.

The bonus footage will reportedly depict the pair arguing as before, following Ana's devastation when she realises Christian will go so far as to whipping her with a belt in order to please himself. Not understanding why it is so amusing for him, a tearful Ana storms out of Grey's lavish apartment, but where the original film ended, it will carry on to show a more emotional separation from each of the character's viewpoints.

Viewers of the clip will see Dakota Johnson's Ana crying about the split and Jamie Dornan's Christian seemingly unable to concentrate on his work, as he gazes distantly during several business meetings, making it clear that Ana wasn't just another partaker in his BDSM antics. A montage of their past set to Jessie Ware's Say You Love Me suggests that the two are reminiscing on their good times together.

After some time, in an attempt to make peace with the millionaire, Ana sends Christian a model plane with a note attached reading: "This reminded me of a happy time." The gesture will undoubtedly make him think back to the time they went gliding spontaneously during their short-lived relationship.

The alternative ending finishes there but is a much more promising conclusion than the abrupt ending to the theatrical showing. It's reasonable to come to the conclusion that Ana and Christian will make amends at some point, even just for the mere fact that they've got two more movies to come after this one.

Fifty Shades Of Grey will not be available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK until 22 June. The sequel to the first instalment, Fifty Shades Darker is set for a cinema release in February 2017.