Huge fights erupted on the evening of Thursday, 14 April, at a migrant camp by Stalingrad station in Paris. Video from the scene shows numerous people throwing bottles and other missiles while wielding wooden planks and iron rods.

The camp was previously home to almost 1,000 migrants from Eritrea, Sudan and Afghanistan, but was cleared at the end of March by French police. A few weeks later several hundred migrants returned to the area.

Residents called police about the clashes, which occurred around 9pm on Thursday night before erupting again at 11:30pm. Police used tear gas to disperse brawlers.

At least two men were injured and taken to the nearby Lariboisière hospital. Some reports have said that the clashes were between migrants and "anti-crime protestors".

One drunk man was reportedly arrested and taken into custody, he is thought to have thrown the first missile. Investigators are still unaware of the cause of the fighting.