First-class passengers on-board a British Airways flight from Canada to the United Kingdom were disturbed by a drunken altercation. The clash was between 60-year-old actor, Sean Bean, and his 33-year-old wife, Ashley Moore. A heated argument turned physically violent when Moore emptied a glass of wine on Bean's lap. The inebriated actor then threw his glass at her. British Airways representatives met the couple after the flight, but no charges were pressed against them.

Bean had been in Vancouver shooting the second season of sci-fi television show "Snowpiercer." Flying back to the UK, the couple took a flight from Vancouver to Heathrow, London. Bean and Moore occupied two beds in the middle of the first-class cabin. Since the couple boarded the flight, they had started knocking back the free drinks.

Bean and his fifth wife were soon inebriated. Eventually, the couple started arguing loudly, disturbing the other passengers in the first-class area. At one point, Moore got aggravated and poured a glass of wine onto the lap of her husband. Dressed in "scruffy jogging bottoms," Bean jumped up and started shouting. He then flung his glass at Moore.

A passenger told The Sun that the actor had to be calmed down by flight crew after he lashed out at his wife. The unnamed witness also narrated that the couple started drinking wine the moment they boarded the flight, so they were extremely drunk when they lashed out at each other. The couple, reportedly, was high spirited before their interaction took a bitter turn.

It is unclear if the altercation caused any physical injuries to Moore.

The nine-hour flight on Saturday landed in London around 2 pm. Once the passengers got off, British Airways officials met the couple on a VIP buggy. According to sources from the airline, the couple did not have any charges pressed against them. They also escaped a flight ban which would have been inevitable for any other passenger behaving disruptively during a flight.

Ned Stark
Game Of Thrones actor Sean Bean hit his fifth wife with a glass on-board British Airways flight. YouTube screenshot