Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler are back! The Big Bang Theory actor Mayim Bialik who is currently filming for the 11th season of the CBS show took to social media to reveal first look at her character with her on-screen boyfriend, Sheldon, played by Jim Parsons.

Bialik posted a snap of Parsons on Instagram and captioned the post saying, "He only looks mad at me. he says he missed me. I love @therealjimparsons either way."

he only looks mad at me. he says he missed me. I love @therealjimparsons either way.

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Parsons replied to his co-star caption and commented, "I actually don't remember saying that but I did feel it. I swear" alongside a heart emoji. To which Bialik wrote, "Wow feisty. I must have dreamt it.!!!"

Fans of The Big Bang Theory love the couple's adorable pics and conversation and flogged to the comment section to compliment them. "#SHAMY is back!!! I can't wait for your next season!!!" commented an excited fan.

"Finally a new pic of you guys ! Good luck in the new season! Love you both #shamyisback," replied a user. A user noted, "This makes my heart so happy ❤️ I love you guys."

Most fans recalled the May finale when Sheldon proposed to Amy and wondered if there are wedding bells in the upcoming season. "Time for another wedding on The Big Bang Theory set," commented a fan, as another wrote, "Hope you said yes " referring to Sheldon's proposal.

"Soooooo... are you guys getting married or what? asked a curious fan, while another simply wrote, "I can't wait to find out if Amy said yes or not."

The 41-year-old actress recently posted a video on her official Youtube channel and teased if Amy will say yes to Sheldon. "We are about a month ahead of the American public in terms of filming, so I will know very soon what happens with the season opener of season 11."

Teasing the mega-cliffhanger about Sheldon-Amy, the CBS star revealed, "I have no idea as of now if Ay is going to say yes to Sheldon, or where we pick up or whats going to happen. So I am as excited as all of you to find out about that."