Big Bang Theory season 11
Sheldon proposes to Amy in The Big Bang Theory season 10 finale CBS

The Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik took to Instagram to reveal that her voice is back after undergoing a vocal cord surgery last month, and that she is preparing to head back to film the exciting season premiere of the CBS show's 11th season.

The 41-year-old actress took to Instagram to share a photo with "My Voice Is Back" written on top of it. The actress who plays Amy Farrah Fowler on the show captioned the post saying, "My voice is officially BACK! Check out today's vlog for some of my thoughts on being voiceless, and what it's like preparing to head back to the set for what is sure to be an exciting season opener of @BigBangTheory_cbs!"

Bialik concluded her post speaking about the much-awaited cliffhanger question about the show's lead's future."(And no, I don't know yet what Amy will say to Sheldon! We'll see, soon!) Link in bio & my story!"

In the YouTube video posted on her official website,, she revealed details about when she will begin filming for The Big Bang Theory's 11th season. She said, "It is very good to have my voice back, we go back to Big Bang Theory next week, so my voice needs to be strong for that. I am still conserving it but its been a very interesting summer, lessons learned when you can't talk."

Talking about what is it like getting ready to go back to Big Bang Theory, she said, "[Its like] going back to school".

Talking about her castmates she said, "A lot of our cast members were travelling and were away for the summer, so we didn't get to see each other. Its nice, it feels like coming back together after a summer break."

Sharing details about her filming, she said, "We are about a month ahead of the American public in terms of filming, so I will know very soon what happens with the season opener of season 11."

Teasing the mega-cliffhanger about Sheldon-Amy, the CBS star revealed, "I have no idea as of now if Ay is going to say yes to Sheldon, or where we pick up or whats going to happen. So I am as excited as all of you to find out about that."

The Big Bang Theory begins filming next week as season 11 premieres on Monday, 25 September.