In the fast-moving world of social media where the pressure to stay body beautiful is not only taking a toll on the common user but also on those who guide thousands to stay healthy.

Recently, fitness trainer Jenelle Butler was subjected to online bully with many calling her body fake. This comes after Butler appeared on CBS and talked about a botched butt implant that has almost threatened her life.

In an Instagram post, the online trainer has slammed body-shamers and claimed that her botched butt job has nothing to do with her other body parts which she has kept in shape with proper exercise and diet.

"It's sad that people base hard work & results on my butt injections 8 years ago (which is one body part) has nothing to do with the rest of my body/results. People It takes discipline," she wrote in the caption of a video displaying her hourglass physique.

The personal trainer appeared on The Doctors to seek help from plastic surgeon Dr Andrew Ordon in order to reduce the extreme side effects she is experiencing post the botched job.

"It's crazy that I did what I did because I liked my body," she said in the Emmy award-winning daytime talk show.

The mother-of-three revealed that she was suffering from postpartum depression after having her son and "felt insecure about how I looked. I didn't even want to train anymore. I was lost. I was contemplating all these different things as what will make me happy."

However, the procedure she opted was way too dangerous that she imagined it was. "The word on the street was you call, you make an appointment, rent a room and bring cash. You're not supposed to ask any questions. I get to the hotel and saw a guy walks in wearing casual clothes. He tells me to take off my pants, lay on my stomach. He comes in with this weird jug filled with liquid in it," Butler recalled her experience and revealed that the man injected the fluid in her butt with a thick syringe nine times and admits that "it really hurts."

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In the next couple of years, she started feeling discomfort and couldn't sit for too long. "In had sensations of itchiness, discolouration, indentations. Scar tissue has formed. It's just rock-hard," the fitness trainer added.

Butler, who has more than 600,000 Instagram followers, reveals that her butts have grown bigger and she is really concerned about her health.

In the show, Dr Ordon examines her case and expressed his concern over her health which he thought maybe a ticking time bomb.

"It's just a matter of time that silicone injections in massive amounts in the buttocks are going to create a problem. The big deal though, is that it could be life-threatening," he says. Post his medical advice, Butler seems to be doing well in getting rid of her silicone implants. The episode was aired on 31 October.