An unnamed five-month-old boy was left in the care of 24-year-old Taylor Biggins on October 25 last year in Leeds. The child sustained life-altering injuries after Biggins threw him across the room in a fit of rage. Leeds Crown Court sentenced Biggins to nearly three years in prison.

On the day of the incident, Biggins called emergency services to Birstall, Leeds where the infant was found unresponsive. The child remained unresponsive until he was rushed to a hospital where he was determined to be in critical condition.

Doctors revealed that the child's skull had been fractured. There was bleeding in the brain and his retinas had been damaged. Even though the doctors feared for the child's life, he managed to recover. However, the injuries he sustained were life-altering. Prosecutor Tom Storey told the court that doctors expect the child to have mild cognitive impairment to his motor skills in the years to come. It is also unclear if the damage to his retinas will cause visual impairments in the long run.

After the incident, Biggins was arrested as the doctors pointed out that the injuries seemed to be non-accidental. Initially, Biggins claimed that he found the child unresponsive in the room. He later changed his story claiming that he had accidentally dropped the child on the floor. However, before his court date, he admitted to intentionally injuring the child.

He confessed that he was in a bad mood that morning after losing a lot of money on a football match the night before. The child would not stop crying, which angered him to the point where he flung the child across the room. The child flew over the bed and crashed against the television cabinet before falling to the floor unresponsive.

He admitted to causing grievous bodily harm. The court heard that Biggins has a previous conviction from 2015. He had been convicted for assault after he kicked his pregnant former partner in the stomach.

In the victim statement, the child's mother called the incident a "poisonous act." According to the Daily Mail. Judge Rodney Jameson sentenced Biggins to two years and ten months in prison. It remains unclear if the victim is Biggins' son.

Five-month-old baby suffered permanent brain damage after he was flung at a television. (representational image) Flickr