Grant Gustin as The Flash
Grant Gustin as The Flash in The CW show TheFlash/Facebook

After an explosive crossover episode, The Flash team gears up for another DC comics villain who is set to visit the Central City.

The Reverse Flash's identity has been kept a secret in the show till now and it might be revealed in the midseason finale episode titled, The Man in the Yellow Suit.

The CW has released a new promo that teased a live action Reverse Flash butting heads with The Flash.

The promo starts with a young Barry and his mother in the midst of an emotional conversation. A young Barry asks his mother If she was afraid of the dark?

She says, "You are not afraid of the dark, you are afraid of being alone in the dark".

The scene cuts to the present, a few dead bodies lying around and ending with, "All they saw was a blur".

The next scene shows Barry looking out of a window and spotting the man in the yellow suit, and he goes after him.

The Flash midseason finale
A screenshot of The Reverse Flash in the midseason finale promo YoutubeScreenshot/The CW

Several close up shots of a man in a yellow mask are shown, and Barry tells his father, "I saw the man who killed my mom".

The Reverse Flash shows up at STAR labs and tells to Barry, "Catch me". Then Barry and the yellow blur go head-to-head in a massive stadium as Barry says, "This is my fight".

watch the promo here

The promo also confirmed that the Reverse Flash is neither Harrison Wells nor Eddie Thawne as they were present in STAR Labs when the man wearing the yellow mask shows up.

Fans already know it was a yellow blur that killed Barry's mother and his father went to jail for the murder he didn't commit.

Grant Gustin also teased The Flash and Reverse Flash face off.

The Flash midseason finale
A screenshot of The Flash and The Reverse Flash in the midseason finale promo

Gustin said: "Barry will actually get to come face to face with him, not just running with him, but standing face to face with him, looking at him,"

The actor then makes clear that it's not The Flash who meets his foe, but Barry "and it rocks him, to say the least. It terrifies him."

After it is confirmed that the Reverse Flash killed his mom, "It's kind of a relief in some ways, because it confirms that Barry isn't crazy and that what he thought he saw as a kid is true," Gustin told Entertainment Weekly.

"Now he is more determined than ever to find this guy and stop him, kill him. This might be a special circumstance where Barry would break a neck."

Will Barry avenge his mother's death?

We will have to wait for The Flash's The man in Yellow Suit that airs on 19 December on The CW.Related