Flash season 2 episode 14
Barry and Zoom in The Flash season 2 episode 14 promotional pictures The CW

Harrison Wells, Cisco Ramone, and Barry Allen have arrived in Zoom's universe but their plan to rescue Jesse has hit a snag. The Flash season 2's previous episode Welcome To Earth-2 ended with Zoom kidnapping Barry and taking him to his lair, where he meets Jesse.

Here are a few things to expect in the upcoming episode [Spoilers Ahead]

1. Episode 14 is titled, Escape From Earth-2, which will conclude the two-part event featuring Barry Allen and Cisco Ramone's trip to Earth-2.

2. With Barry missing, Harrison and Cisco will team up with Earth 2's Barry and Iris to save the Speedster. A new promo shows Wells explaining to Earth 2's Iris and Barry that Zoom has kidnapped his daughter and Earth 1's Barry as Cisco says, "We need to find his[Zoom] lair."

Flash season 2 episode 14
Earth 1 and Earth 2's heroes team up in The Flash season 2 episode 14 promotional pictures The CW

3. The synopsis states that the team asks for help from the most "unexpected source". This source will be Killer Frost. The promo shows Cisco and team setting a trap for Caitlin Snow's doppelganger and it looks like she will reveal Zoom's hiding spot, which is up on a hill top.

Previously, executive producer Todd Helbing told Comic Book that Barry of Earth 1 is different from Barry of Earth 2. Helbing said, "You will in the next episode see a lot more of Earth-2 Barry. He's quite a bit different from Earth-1 Barry."

4. Back on Earth-1, Caitlin will rush to perfect Velocity-9 so that Jay Garrick can stop the Geomancer (guest star Adam Stafford) who is terrorising Central City.

5. A new trailer released by The CW for the upcoming episodes hints at the ramifications of Barry's trip to Earth-2, which appears to have changed him and he has "gone rogue". We also see Barry trapped in his Star Labs jail.

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