After a shocking mid-season finale on The Flash season 4 where Clifford DeVoe's deadly plan for Barry Allen was revealed, the show has gone on a long winter hiatus. The tele series will return with new episodes only in 2018, until then leaving the fans guessing about what is in store next for Barry.

The mysteries surrounding Barry will unveil on Tuesday, 16 January at 8pm EST on The CW network when Episode 10 of the current season will air.

The ninth episode that was aired on Tuesday (5 December) was titled Don't Run. The hour showed Barry's abduction by DeVoe, a.k.a. The Thinker, but the Speedster managed to escape his clutches. The abduction later turned out to be part of a bigger plan. The Thinker had downloaded his consciousness into telepathic meta Dominic, who was saved by Caitlin.

In a shocking turn of events, the episode ended with the Thinker putting his plans for Barry in motion by carefully placing his old body in Barry's apartment and calling the police, thereby framing him for murder. The police came knocking on the door, and instead of running away, Barry got himself arrested as he uttered, "Don't run" looking at his wedding photo with Iris.

The new episodes are likely to focus on how the Speedster will free himself from the legal trouble and foil DeVoe's plans. The upcoming storyline, meanwhile, appears to be reflective of the plot in the 24-issue comic book story arc, The Trial of the Flash, and the show has been teasing it since long now. One of the teasers that featured in the current season showed Barry wearing a prison jumpsuit. The season 4 premiere also dropped a major clue about Barry's prison visit via his jumbled speech after coming out of the Speed Force. "Your Honor, I'm innocent, I didn't do this, I didn't kill anyone" he was heard mumbling.

Earlier in November, Grant Gustin and Candice Patton had teased DeVoe's master plans for Barry in an interview with TV Line. Patton, who plays Iris on the show, had said, "Iris is going to be a little worried about how serious he's taking this DeVoe character.

"There's a lot more than meets the eye with him. It kind of ends up driving Barry crazy, because he thinks he knows more about this guy, that he's not all that he's cracked up to be, or that he's portraying himself to be. It pushes Barry to do some things that could possibly get him in trouble.

"I think she thinks, 'Barry, you've got to take a step back, or you could end up in a lot of trouble. You can't go after people like that. There are laws and rules," Patton had said, apparently referring to Barry's upcoming tussle with law.

Gustin, who plays Barry Allen in the show, had teased the Thinker's endgame. "The Thinker is less about Barry and more about his vision of Central City, and how he thinks he can make it better and make the world better. He doesn't really become obsessed with Barry and the team.

"Things are going to take a dark turn quickly in the middle of the year," Gustin had told the outlet.