Flash season 4
Actor Tom Cavanagh in The CW show, The Flash The CW

Tom Cavanagh has played different versions of his character Harrison Wells in The Flash TV series. He has gone from playing the evil Wells in season 1, to the rude Harry (from Earth 2) in season 2 and to a rather dramatic HR (from Earth 19) in season 3.

Cavanagh spoke to CBR about the season 4 version of Wells and revealed, "We're going to start with Harry." Fans will remember that HR, who wasn't a genius like the other Wells characters, heroically sacrificed his life to save Iris in the pre-finale episode.

The actor continued, "And then find a way, I think, to try and get a different version of Wells in there, be it some version of Harry or whatnot, as the season's gaps present themselves."

The 53-year-old said that the decision of which Wells will appear on the show depends on the season's overall tone. "In Season 2, it was like, 'Maybe if we had a jackass who has no social skills and is abrasive.' And then that was Harry. And then in Season 3, we had a lot of darker storylines," he explained.

"So like, 'Maybe we add a little more humor' and that was HR. And so this year, we've had a different villain, [Clifford DeVoe/The Thinker], and so I think there's going to be areas that we could use a different Wells," the actor added.

However, Cavanagh was coy on the details of who that different Wells could be and when exactly in the season he would appear. "There is stuff that's involved with this season, that we're talking about, [about] how Wells might become a different version of Wells. But I think that's a storyline too far from me to give up, but you'll see it!"

The fourth season of the CW show will focus on bringing Barry Allen back from Speed Force, following the tragic events of the May finale. Season 4 of The Flash returns on The CW Network on Tuesday 10 October at 8pm EST.