"The Flash" season 6 episode 16 will see Joe West's life in danger. Things are about to get dramatic and explosive. Here is everything we know so far about the next chapter of the series. Read on to find out.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "The Flash" season 6 episode 16. Do not read further if you don't wish to know more about it.]

The sixteenth chapter of the sixth season of "The Flash" is titled "So Long and Goodnight" and it will focus on Joe West's situation with the villain organisation Black Hole. The synopsis (via Spoiler TV) for the next chapter is out and it promises brilliant storyline and massive action.

Black Hole is an extremely dangerous Central City Criminal Organisation dedicated to exploit the power of The Speed Force for their sinister motives. The Black Hole recruits villain Rag Doll for their next mission.

Fans are not unfamiliar to meta-human Rag Doll, who will be tasked to kill Joe by the Black Hole. When David Singh finds out about this problem, he suggests Joe takes to Witness Protection in order to protect himself. This means that he stops his investigation about Carver and he is not yet ready for it.

Elsewhere, Ralph continues to investigate Carver with the help of Cisco when he bumps into Sue, Ralph's rogue wife. This will give fans an opportunity to learn more about Ralph and Sue's personal life and problems. Meanwhile, Iris realises that there is something off about Eva and her suspicion grows.

Fans are informed that this post is written ahead of the broadcast of episode 15 airing Tuesday. Therefore, information is scarce and are advised to stay tuned to this space. Meanwhile, the promo is expected to be released anytime after the release of the upcoming segment.

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'The Flash' season 6 episode 16 airs Tuesday, March 24 on The CW.