The first look at "The Flash" season 7 is finally here and things are about to get explosive. The newly released trailer shows that the show picks up from where it left off when it abruptly concluded its season 6.

The two-minute-long trailer was released on DC FanDome, this Saturday, according to Entertainment Weekly. The cast of the superhit The CW series unveiled the first look of the highly anticipated season 7. Looking at the promo, it appears the show will pick up immediately after the events of season 6 finale.

"No one is coming to save you," tells the imposter to Iris, who is still caught up in the mirror realm, in the trailer. Her only option is "survival... or madness." Meanwhile, Eva is free, and she is back for an "unfinished business and a whole world to liberate."

The trailer suggests that the show will first deal with unfinished storylines surrounding Iris and Eva and then move forward to introducing the new villain of the season Godspeed. Meanwhile, Barry Allen must save his wife and regain his speed even if it means to build an "artificial speed force." Also, there is a supersonic jet about to crash over the city and without his speed, Scarlet Speedster is struggling to stop it.

"The Flash" season 6 ended with an untimely finale with episode 19 titled "Success is Assured." The production of the remaining episodes was forcefully stopped due to coronavirus lockdown that led to the entire Hollywood shutdown.

When we last saw, Eva escaped the Mirrorverse and framed Sue for the murder of her husband Carver. Meanwhile, Iris vanished somewhere in the Mirrorverse due to intense neural dissonance.

"Even though it's only footage really from one episode [620], pay attention to the way it's presented. It's actually huge spoilers all over the place," said showrunner Eric Wallace said during DC FanDome panel as quoted by the abovementioned publication. The panel also included Gustin, Patton, Nicolet, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Kayla Compton, and Brandon McKnight.

In addition to sharing the teaser, Wallace also talked about the next big bad of the series.

"I want to make sure new fans — especially young new fans who are reading the comic book right now — are welcomed to the show, so it's not just Silver Age villains and Bronze Age villains," said Wallace. "There might be a young girl or a young boy who is reading those Flash comics right now and going, 'Where's my villain? My generation's villain."

After being away from each other for almost an entire season, actors assure that Iris and Barry "will find their way back to each other eventually."

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Barry Allen as Flash in the CW series The CW

"The Flash" season 7 is scheduled to go on air in the year 2021. The official date is yet to be released.