A heated argument between a passenger and one of the crew members of an Indian airline has taken social media by storm.

The video, which was posted on Twitter by one of the passengers, shows a flight attendant telling a rude passenger to "shut up."

The argument took place on a flight from Istanbul to Delhi. The altercation reportedly happened over an issue about meals served on the flight.

The passenger, whose identity is not known, had asked for a sandwich, and the cabin crew told him they would check if it was available or not. But the man started screaming at the crew member, per a report in NDTV.

"Please try to understand, there is a cart and counted meals are uplifted [on the plane]," a flight attendant could be heard telling the man.

She informs him that they can only serve him what his boarding pass specifies. The man then asks the woman, "why was she yelling?," referring to another flight attendant.

She replies: "I am so sorry sir but you can not talk to the crew like that. I'm literally listening to you with all due respect, but you have to respect the crew as well." Later he says: "Why are you yelling? Why are you yelling? Shut up."

The air hostess responds: "Shut up, I am not your servant!" She can be later heard saying that the passenger in question made one of the crew members cry due to his behaviour.

The video has sparked a debate on the internet, with some backing the crew and others defending the passenger.

"I AM AN EMPLOYEE AND I AM NOT YOUR SERVANT. This line should be the line of the year by an employee..." commented one user, while others said that her behaviour was rude.

"Actually customer is king is the principle to be followed. The flight attendant should not have lost her temper like this..." said another Twitter user. Meanwhile, Indigo airline has issued a statement addressing the incident and has promised to look into the matter.

Representative image REUTERS/Rupak De Chowdhuri