Florida wildfire Nassau
Firefighters and firefighting equipment arrive to deal with wildfire that quickly spread across Nassau county, Florida. Reuters

A Florida man has been arrested after apparently snorting cocaine in front of an unmarked police car that was aiding an evacuation of a Naples area due to wildfires, authorities said.

Joshua Benz, 25, is accused of flagging down the patrol vehicle and, after being told the evacuation orders, snorting powder from a bag he was holding before turning around and putting his hands behind his back.

Benz was taken into custody by the sheriff's deputy who witnessed the incident, and has since been charged with possession of cocaine following testing of the substance he was found with.

It is believed Benz had been flagging down the car in order to draw attention to a vehicle that had become submerged in a nearby canal, although police reports state the submerged motor was unoccupied.

The Golden Gate Estates area, in Naples, Florida, was the subject of evacuation orders as authorities attempted to battle a wildfire raging in the area.

At least 7,000 acres of land are currently ablaze in the area, although the Caloosahatchee Forestry Center reported on Monday evening (24 April) that the fire was at least 65% contained – with crews continuing to battle the blaze.