Floyd Mayweather
Mayweather says a meeting with Danny Garcia who immediately quieten the hype around Alvarez vs Khan. Getty

Floyd Mayweather insists he could easily overshadow Amir Khan and Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez if he were to come out of retirement to take on Danny Garcia this year.

Alavrez, a former opponent of Mayweather, will defend his WBC middleweight title against Khan in Las Vegas on 7 May. The Bolton-born fighter has already made the bold claim that his showdown with the 25-year-old Mexican is getting more attention than Mayweather's long-awaited meeting with Manny Pacquiao did in May 2015, adding his title match will be the biggest fight of the year.

Mayweather, who retired with a flawless record of 49-0, has so far kept to his promise to stay away from the ring following that win over Pacquiao. But with fight no. 50 remaining a tantalising prospect, the 38-year-old has warned both Khan and Alavrez he would instantly become the centre of attention again if he were to take on undefeated WBC welterweight champion Garcia.

Speaking to FightHype, Mayweather said: "You know, I can easily put a halt on that fight if I chose to call Mr. Garcia, [Danny] Garcia's dad, if I chose to call him and say, 'You know what, sir, you're a hell of a trainer, you're son's a hell of a fighter, he's an undefeated champion, I'm an undefeated champion, and I think it would be great for me and your son both to make a lot of money.

"And like I said before, you're very outspoken, my dad is very outspoken; it would be good for me to come back for number 50 and fight the undefeated Danny Garcia, you know, at the MGM Grand.'"

Mayweather was responsible for Alvarez's only professional defeat back in 2013 while Garcia infamously beat Khan via a brutal knockout in 2012.

"If I'm not mistaken, I fought Canelo, right, and then Danny Garcia fought Amir Khan, and we're both undefeated, so who do you want to see? Do you want to see them or do you want to see us? I'm just saying, I'm just putting it out there, those are the type of things that I can do. I want to say congratulations Danny Garcia. Wear that belt with class and wear that belt with style. You deserve it."