Samsung's floating screen
Samsung has filed a patent for a floating screen that would be able to track your face and remain in your vision. USPTO

How often do you shuffle around on the couch as you try to comfortably hold a tablet?

You cannot nod off for a nap, you cannot tuck into some food while you are watching Netflix. True first world problem stuff. Luckily, Samsung appears to be working on a fix.

According to LetsGoDigital, Samsung has been awarded a patent for a "flying display device". With the use of four propellers - which will hopefully be silent - the flying Samsung tablet will be capable of remaining in your view while you shuffle and move by tracking your face.

With the help of voice recognition, obstacle detection and an array of sensors (gyroscopic, accelerometer and motion), the screen could follow you around home like a pet. Imagine folding the laundry or vacuuming while you watch Stranger Things.

Samsung filed for the patent in South Korea in April 2015 and it was published last week. Like any patent, there is no guarantee the flying screen will ever be made. There is also no word on whether the flying screen will be a tablet, smartphone or an entirely new product.

The South Korean tech giant is no stranger to filing unique patents. Earlier this year, it was revealed that Samsung was looking to build a rollable tablet that would retract inside a canister. The display would use magnets to lock the screen into the tube when not in use.

While details are still scant, the canister would likely also house all the components of the device, meaning when the screen is being used the tablet will be razor thin.

Samsung is hopeful the tech can even reduce the carrying size of a tablet device to something that will fit in your pocket. LG showed off a flexible OLED display last year but has not yet included the tech in any of its commercially available devices.

Patent designs show a fingerprint scanner, which would unlock and unroll the tablet. To view the design, check out the patent here.