Rihanna revealed she is a fan of Wayne Rooney and the England team.

Rihanna has expressed her dismay at England's latest defeat in the World Cup.

They were beaten by Uruguay on Wednesday ( 9 June) with the final score at 2-1, putting their World Cup future in jeopardy.

The unlikely football fan revealed her support for the England team with a succession of impassioned tweets during the World Cup match.

Uruguay took the lead in the 38th minute as Suarez scored from a header. England's goal came in the 75th minute when Glen Johnson passed the ball across goal for Wayne Rooney to score.

But Uruguay quickly came back with another Suarez goal in the 84th minute, before holding on to take victory.

She cheered on Steven Gerrard and his team, but when defeat seemed a foregone conclusion, she accused the England squad of giving Luis Suarez "too much room."

Along with millions of England supporters hoping for a win, the singer's frustration was evident.

England's chances of reaching the knockout stage of the World Cup are "unbelievably slim" following the 2-1 defeat to Uruguay, manager Roy Hodgson has said.