Forgotten Valentine's Day? Here are some things you can do quickly
Forgotten Valentine's Day? Here are some things you can do quickly Reuters

Have you forgotten Valentine's Day? Not to worry, there's still time to make an effort to show that special person in your life you care.

Unless you and your partner have decided to disregard Valentine's Day, your special someone will probably be hoping for some kind of gesture to be made today.

If you've forgotten, not to worry, there are still some things you can do. Here's our super-quick guide to romantic actions and gifts on Valentine's Day:

1. Buy or send a bouquet of flowers

Demand for Valentine's Day Rose Soar in the US, 90 Percent Imported
You can still order flowers, or pick up a bouquet in person Reuters

Interflora is still accepting flower delivery orders for Valentine's Day up till 1pm today, so hurry up! They've got a special Valentine's collection and you can also click and collect the bouquet from a florist near you, which has a cut-off time of 3pm. Interflora estimates that all orders will be delivered by 6pm.

If it's past 1pm, you can still run down to the florist at lunch time and snag a (probably very expensive) bouquet. has a handy search engine for shops and services in your local area, just type in "Florists" and put in your post code.

Should you not live or work near a florist, you should try your local supermarkets. Tesco, Sainsbury's and ASDA have fresh flower sections and are known to do decent bouquets of red and pink roses and lillies, as well as some more creative bouquets.

2. Send an eCard

There are some great eCard companies on the internet, and some of them allow you to personalise the eCards with photos and even print them out in colour as well as emailing them. You probably won't be able to order gifts to go with the eCards, but they're a quick and cheap way of showing you care.

Send a Blue Mountain eCard
Blue Mountain has been around since 2000. You can send eCards on subscription for £2.39 a month

Blue Mountain is one of the best eCard websites in the world and one of the oldest as well. You can get flash-animated cards, cards that talk, cards featuring cute mini-games, and even musical and interactive versions of the types of cards you see in high street card shops. You'll need to sign up for Blue Mountain, which costs $3.99 (£2.39) a month for you to send an unlimited amount of cards, and there is also a seven day free trial which you can cancel at the end of it.

Hallmark has an eCards website which also works on a subscription service, costing $12 a year. Similar to Blue Mountain, you just have to sign up and then you can instantly send beautiful flash-animated eCards.

Hoops & Yoyo - Hallmark's special eCard characters brand
Hoops & Yoyo - Hallmark's special eCard characters brand Hallmark

Hallmark lets you send the card via Facebook as well as over email, and there are eCards featuring popular syndicated characters like Garfield and characters from Family Guy, Baby Looney Tunes, Forever Friends and Disney. We recommend Hallmark's very own brand of characters – comedic contemporary animal duo Hoops & Yoyo.

Hallmark also has a partnership with Smilebox. Smilebox lets you send eCards that put flash animations together with your own photos. You will have to download the Smilebox software to do this, but it's pretty quick and some of the cards are free and you can print out a beautiful personalised card as well as emailing it.

3. Buy Cake

Valentine's Day Cupcakes
Valentine's Day Cupcakes Sugar Rose Cake Company

Don't fancy a box of chocolates or have you left it so late that they're all sold out of the good ones? Why not buy some cake instead. Cupcakes are all the rage now, and cupcake shops and bakeries will be doing special Valentine's Day bite-sized cakes to celebrate the occasion. We've even googled it for you, so if you want to buy a cupcake for your, erm, cupcake just click here to find a list of cupcake boutiques near you.

4. Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Certificate
Amazon Gift Certificate

How about buying a gift card? Amazon allows you to email or print out a personalised gift card on its website, and you can put any value up to £1,000 on it. Since Amazon has a wide range of unusual products, including designer shoes and clothes, this could be a quick fix to show your loved one that you care.

You could also get an iTunes gift card, which is available in most supermarkets at the cash tills, so at least you have a physical gift to present to your loved one.

5. Plan a romantic dinner for two at home

Again, make use of your friendly supermarkets, which are all doing dinner deals that include three course dinners and a bottle of wine. Waitrose and Marks and Spencer are both doing a Valentine's dinner deal for £20, and we can verify that their food is delicious and is packaged well, so you just need to get out the good dishes and tableware.

You could always say that you wanted to make the dinner more intimate, while being cost-efficient. A good tip would be to grab any bunch of nice flowers from the supermarket flower section, pull off the petals and make a trail from the front door to the dinner table.

6. Carve your initials into a virtual tree

Forest of Love: Carve your initials in a virtual tree
Forest of Love: Carve your initials in a virtual tree Forest of Love

An interesting website called the Forest of Love allows you to "carve" a special message or the initials of yourself and your significant other in a virtual tree, which is ideal if you are ethical green tree-loving types.

Your loved one will receive an email inviting them to view the finished carving, and you can make it private too. Of course, this is free, and you can share your carving over social media too.