A former Mr Germany winner who joined a far right group that does not recognise the authority of the German government was involved in a shoot-out with police after refusing to be evicted from a property.

Adrian Ursache, who won the male beauty pageant in 1998, refused to be evicted from his home in Reuden bei Zeitz, Saxony Anhalt, on Thursday morning, local media reported. He was seriously injured in a shootout with police, after supporters allegedly attacked officers, Germany's DPA press agency reported.

The 41-year-old former model was a member of a group of "Reichsbürger", or citizens of the Reich, who refuse to acknowledge the authority of the German Federal Government and insist the pre-World War II German Reich continues to exist.

Spread throughout Germany, the groups attempt to impose governance and refuse to pay taxes or fines. Some are affiliated with far right and Neo Nazi groups, and are believed to stockpile weapons.

Ursache declared his house as 'Ur Nation', or independent from the state, and when police arrived on Wednesday to enforce an eviction notice over unpaid debt, they found his house surrounded by supporters.

Officers returned on Thursday morning to be confronted by a group of 13 Ursache supporters, who pelted them with stones and other missiles. Ursache is accused of threatening officers with a revolver.

A shootout ensued. It is not clear who opened fire first, according to the agency, but 200 armed men regained control of the situation. Ursache is accused of firing shots by police.

Ursache was seriously injured in the shootout, and was taken to hospital by helicopter. His condition is stable, and he could face criminal charges including attempted homicide.

One officer was injured in the neck, possibly by gunfire, while another was bitten by one of Ursache's supporters.