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Gamers play as Frey Holland, who is transported from New York to this new land, which is ravaged by a strange phenomenon called the Break that turned people and animals alike into savage beasts. As one of the few beings unaffected by the corruption, it falls on Frey to explore the lands and search for a solution.

The new "Forspoken" trailer shows what Frey can do as she explores the new world. Here are some of the things players can do in the game's world.


Monuments are scattered across the vast world of Athia and players should not hesitate in exploring them, according to These monuments hold a portion of Tantas' power and Frey will be rewarded with boosts to her stats by freeing the power.

Different monuments will give different boosts. Some will grant players more health while others will increase the magic power or defense. However, getting to the monuments can be a bit tricky but that's where Frey's parkour skills come in.

Founts of Blessing

Founts of Blessing are beautiful pools of water scattered across the world. They grant Frey with a blessing that boosts her magical skills and are important in expanding Frey's skills and they give her entirely new spells to add to her repertoire.

Spellcraft Challenges

Aside from Founts of Blessing, one way to upgrade Frey's magical skills is through Spellcraft Challenges, according to PlayStation Blog. Frey can go inside Refuges to rest, craft items, or look for ancient books that will give her some tasks or challenges.

Frey's abilities will become more powerful by completing these challenges. They can also inspire players to use Frey's abilities in new ways as they explore Forspoken's magic system.
Locked Labyrinths

Locked Labyrinths are found all over the world hidden underground. While they are very dangerous as they contain monsters, they also offer rich rewards such as crafting materials and other valuable items.

the "Forspoken" release date is scheduled on January 24, 2023. The game will be released for PS5 and PC.