Thanks to a recently announced promotion between Microsoft and Monster Energy, consumers now have an idea regarding the pricing of the Xbox Series X. Although the manufacturer is yet to formally share more as well as the speculated Xbox Series S, other leaks have likewise revealed a lot about the two consoles. As for Sony, the company has been successfully controlling the flow of information regarding the PS5, but it seems an unlikely source might have exposed its release window as well.

Unlike Microsoft, which has been considerably forthcoming with its next-generation plans, platforms, and services, Sony has been opting for radio silence. However, shortly after its surprise PS5 reveal in June, there has been a buzz over any tidbit related to the game system.

While both gaming outfits have confirmed a 2020 launch date for their respective products, the exact date still remains a mystery. Yet, Epic Games appears to have unintentionally provided a clue when it published the details of its upcoming DC Comic tie-in for "Fortnite."

According to the developer, the Batman-themed DLC bundle will be available for the PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on Nov. 17, 2020. Evidently, due to the ongoing lawsuit against Google and Apple, information about mobile platforms have been delayed. Interestingly enough, the developers wrote: "It will also arrive in time for the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X next-generation consoles."

Many agree that this hints at the PS5 and Xbox One shipping to retailers for distribution anytime between Nov. 20 to Nov. 27, 2020. Major console launches in the United States normally happen on a Friday, which led sources to suggest the dates given. This also contradicts a previous report wherein the warning label on a box of new Xbox Series X controller allegedly read: "Do not sell or display before November 6, 2020."

PlayStation Xbox E3
A stand-off between the PlayStation and Xbox stands at E3 2016. Getty Images

Meanwhile, a gaming industry insider claims to have the final retail pricing for all upcoming next-generation system. The PS5 and Xbox Series X will purportedly sell for $499 each, while the PS4 Digital Edition is $100 less at $399. As for the yet-to-be-announced Xbox Series S, it price was listed at $299.