Although it was the first one to unveil its next-generation console, Microsoft has successfully kept details about its retail price under wraps. While Sony is yet to reveal how much the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition will cost, there have been postings that were quickly taken down by retailers. It seems that whichever company announces its pricing first, the other will likely undercut the competition in a bid to attract more consumers. However, it seems an unlikely source might have just leaked that information regarding the Xbox Series X.

Aside from the mechanics, the terms and conditions of the promotion show a total approximate retail value (ARV) of all prizes at $284,998. Ten grand prize winners along with one guest each are receiving a seven-day, six-night trip to Paris. Interestingly there are 200 first prize winners who will receive an Xbox Series and a digital copy of "Halo Infinite" each. The ARV indicated is $119,998, which suggests the console might retail for $599.99 exactly if it is divided by the number of winners (200).

If one includes the estimated retail price of "Halo Infinite" at $59.99 that puts the Xbox Series X at $539.99. Nevertheless, it's likely the digital copies might be freebies courtesy of Microsoft and are included in the equation. This seems to match another leak wherein an anonymous retailer stated the same retail price for the game system.

Although the game is slated for a 2021 launch, the winners will still receive a brand-new Xbox Series X console with the download code for "Halo Infinite" to follow when it becomes available. Interested parties are instructed to upload their receipts upon purchase of a participating Monster Energy product to The listed start date is on Sept. 1, and ends on Dec. 31.

Xbox Series X pricing leaks from contest
Aside from the mechanics, the terms and conditions of the promotion show a total approximate retail value (ARV) of all prizes. Photo: Monster Energy

"Halo Infinite" was originally intended to release alongside the Xbox Series X. Following Microsoft's broadcasted gameplay showcase, it was strongly criticised for the graphics, which many compared to a current-generation platform. Shortly thereafter, the developers – 343 industries – attempted to reason out that it was still a work in progress and improvements were still underway. Nevertheless, it was ultimately delayed to 2021 after overwhelming negative feedback from fans. Finally, a previous leak also pegged the shipping date at Nov. 5, 2020.