The fosters season 3
Jude and Connor in The Fosters ABC

The Fosters season 3 returns with an all new episodes on 8 June on the ABC Network.

The season 2 finale ended in a cliffhanger when Ana, Mariana and Jesus are involved in a car accident, while on their way to the hospital.

Executive producer Bradley Bredeweg teased the season 3 premiere title on Twitter.

According to him, episode 1 will be titled Wreckage, which will deal with the events that follow the initial crash.

Below are a few events that fans may see in The Fosters season 3

Premiere plot

According to a Tumblr post, actor Cierra Ramirez has revealed some details on what would happen when the show returns.

She said, "The series premieres picks up, three weeks after the huge cliffhanger. There was a huge family accident, and you will see how the family is affected by it."

Jude and Connor's romance evolves

One of the same-sex relationships that stood out in The Fosters season 2, was that of teenage lovers Jude and Connor.

Last season, the two accepted their feelings for each other and Jude took a stand against his father. As their relationship continues, fans would see how they deal with their lives and evolve as a couple.

Gavin Macintosh who plays Connor said, "In season 3 Jude and Connor's relationship continues to evolve."

While, Hayden Byerley who plays Jude teased that season 3 will find "Jonnor's" relationship "continuing forward and develop, making decision on what to do, and how they are going to come out and tell the world and others around that they are together [sic]." [via Tumblr post]

Will Jesus die?

Jake T. Austin has hinted that he may quit the show, leading to speculation that his character Jesus maybe killed off in the car accident that occurred in the finale of season 2. Moreover, Jesus was sitting on the seat, which was the most impacted in the crash. However, it is possible that he could return in flashback scenes to give closure to his character.

Here are a few tweets that hint at Austin's apparent departure from the show.

New love interest for Brandon and Callie

Brandon (Lamber) will go to Idyllwild Crest music school, and will have a new love interest in the upcoming season.

Meanwhile, producer Peter Paige has tweeted a picture of some of the cast including Maia Mitchell and David Lambert.

Going by the image, it seems like Brendon could have a new band altogether as his "band mates" are seen sitting on a stage along with instruments.

Earlier, it was reported that Callie would have a new love interest as well, who is supposedly in a band. His name is Tony and he is very passionate about music.

So is it the end of the road for Callie and Brandon?

All the questions will be answered, when the show returns with season 3 on 8 June on the ABC network.