Seattle shooting
The Seattle University campus is in a state of lockdown.

One person has been killed and three injured in a shooting at Seattle Pacific University in Washington state.

The shooting occurred shortly before 3:30 p.m. local time in Otto Miller Hall, according to school officials.

The victims have been taken to hospital. According to early police reports one suspect is in custody. It is not known if the gunman is among the wounded.

Earlier, the Seattle Fire Department confirmed that four victims were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds that ranged "from minor to life threatening."

Two of the victims, a man and a woman, had life-threatening injuries, while the other two were in stable condition.

The campus is in a state of lockdown as official search the location. While authorities had initially said they were looking for an additional suspect no other suspects are being sought.

People on the campus have been ordered to remain inside, lock the doors and move away from windows, while anyone who is not in a building has been told to seek shelter off of the campus.

It is the second shooting in as many days after a lone gunman prompted a city-wide manhunt in New Brunswick, Canada, after killing three police officers and injuring two others during a gun rampage.