Sandbag highway overpass
The sandbag was thrown from a highway overpass. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A Michigan man who was hit by a falling sandbag thrown off a highway overpass has died from his injuries in hospital, Detroit news channel WXYZ-TV reported.

Marquise Byrd, 22, was the front passenger in a car driving through the city of Toledo when a construction sandbag crashed through the windshield and struck him in the head on Tuesday evening.

Four youths were spotted by officers leaving the area near the overpass after the vehicle, in which Byrd was travelling, was struck.

Pedro Salinas, 13, Sean Carter, 14, William Parker, 14 and Demetrius Wimberly appeared in Lucas County Juvenile Court Wednesday on assault charges, although now that Byrd has died, they face additional charges.

Police investigators say they have established probable cause to charge the juveniles, determining that the sandbag was thrown deliberately off the overpass and did not fall by accident.

However, detectives are still seeking additional evidence regarding the incident and have urged anyone with information to report it to the police.