Daiane Tomazoni, a Brazilian OnlyFans model, has promised fans of the Seleção and the players "free nude photos" every time Tite's team scores a goal at the 2022 World Cup. It was an idea the social media model came up with prior to the competition in Qatar, and she has kept her promise to her followers.

Brazil have qualified for the round of 16 with a game to spare following their wins over Serbia and Switzerland. The five-time World Cup winners have scored three goals thus far, and have one game remaining in the group stage against Cameroon later this week.

Tomazoni, who has 24,000 followers on Instagram, revealed that she thought of the idea of posting X-rated content for every goal in order to garner more support for the national team. The Brazilian admitted that her followers were skeptical initially, but were thrilled when she followed through after Richarlison scored Brazil's first goal against Serbia.

"As soon as I pitched the idea, many thought it was a lie and that I wasn't going to send them," Tomazoni said, as quoted by The Sun. "But as soon as Richarlison scored the first, the group was thrilled! And, of course, I sent the first photo completely uncensored."

The 24-year-old, who joined the OnlyFans platform shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic, revealed that her plan was a huge success. Tomazoni has promised to continue to share uncensored pictures, and even revealed that she may add X-rated videos to the mix.

"And since it worked out, in the next games I will keep and expand my pledge. Who knows? Maybe even with videos. Anything for Brazil's sixth title!" she added.

The OnlyFans model is not only after garnering more support for the Seleção. Tomazoni revealed that she also wants to reward Tite's players with some X-rated content in the hope that it will build excitement within the squad.

"I want to send the same incentive I send to my followers to the national team players and the entire coaching staff," Tomazoni concluded. "Imagine some of them getting some intimate photos and receiving that excitement, right?"

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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 - Group G - Brazil v Serbia Reuters / AMANDA PERO