Nimes station
Police officers and soldiers stand outside the train station of Nimes, following its evacuation after suspicious activities were reported AFP/Getty

A train station in Nimes, France was evacuated this evening (19 August) after police reported 'suspicious behaviour'

It was initially reported that three men who appeared to be armed, got off a train from Paris at Nimes station, however it's now believed to be a false alarm.

According to The Telegraph, one man has been arrested, the local newspaper Midi Libre reported.

The paper said he was believed to have been in possession of a fake weapon. It said reports that shots had been fired were incorrect.

The station was evacuated amid fears of another European terror attack, but was reopened half hour after the initial report, Mail Online reports.

While a transport police spokesman warned the public to 'avoid the area around the station of Nimes' they later tweeted: 'Imminent return to normal at the station of Nimes.'

Video and images from the scene showed crowds of stranded passengers standing outside the station.