friends 20th anniversary
Cast Members Of NBC's Comedy Series 'Friends.' Pictured (L To R): David Schwimmer As Ross Geller, Jennifer Aniston As Rachel Cook, Courteney Cox As Monica Geller, Matthew Perry As Chandler Bing, Lisa Kudrow As Phoebe Buffay And Matt Leblanc As Joey Tribbiani Getty

The Friends 20th anniversary is upon us and IBTimes UK is taking a look back over the phenomenal TV series' most heart-wrenching moments.

1. When Rachel Sees the Prom Video

The One with the Prom Video

After a tirade of hit-and-miss moments of 'will they, won't they', fans were screaming for Ross and Rachel to get together and this is the moment that they finally made it happen.

The One with the Prom Video YouTube

2. When Ross and Rachel Break Up

The One the Morning After

We all thought they would be together forever, but this episode had everyone on the edge of their seats praying for Rachel to forgive him.

The One the Morning After YouTube

3. When Chandler is in a Box

The One with Chandler in a Box

When Chandler falls in love with Joey's girlfriend, the best friends fall out and Chandler will do anything for forgiveness. Even live in a box. However, Kathy, the girl in question, doesn't want to come between the two of them.

The One with Chandler in a Box YouTube

4. When Phoebe Chooses Mike Over David

The One in Barbados (Part 1)

Phoebe's decision on who she would marry was a tough one which left fans as well as the character, divided.

Even though it ultimately turned out for the best, a little part of you couldn't help but feel sorry for the fact that David and Phoebe didn't make it.

The One in Barbados (Part 1) YouTube

5. When Monica and Chandler Get Twins

The Last One (Part 1)

A little more warming than wrenching, the fact that this couple finally got the family they were after, definitely tugged at your heart-strings. Especially after the plea that Chandler made to Erica (The One with the Birth Mother) when she nearly didn't let them adopt her baby.

The Last one (Part 1) YouTube
The One with the Birth Mother YouTube

6. When Ross Says Rachel

The One with Ross's Wedding (Part 2)

Ross and Rachel fans everywhere were crying when it looked like he might marry Emily. Although, an unexpected turn of events at the end of the episode made every viewer's jaw drop.

The One with Ross's Wedding (Part 2) YouTube

7. When Monica and Chandler Get Engaged

The One with the Proposal (Part 2)

Even though Chandler was always known for his commitment issues, throughout this couple's perfect relationship, we never dreamed that there would be such an emotional ride when they finally got engaged.

The One with the Proposal YouTube

8. When Estelle Dies

The One Where Estelle Dies

It didn't have quite the same impact as the others, but the death of Joey's agent, Estelle Leonard, was emotional. The character had been in the show since series two and become a favourite among fans.

The One Where Estelle Dies YouTube

9. When Rachel Finds Out She is Pregnant

The One After 'I Do'

The revelation that Rachel was pregnant at the end of series seven, side-lined every single fan.

In the first episode of season eight, Rachel took a pregnancy test with Monica and Phoebe, and we got to see the true friendship between the characters that made this show so special.

The One After 'I Do' YouTube

10. Ross and Rachel's Final Goodbye

The Last One (Part 1)

In the penultimate episode, we see Rachel getting ready to leave for her new job with Louis Vuitton in Paris. As she says goodbye to each friend individually, no one was prepared for her to snub Ross altogether.

The Last One (Part 1) YouTube

11. When Rachel Got Off the Plane

The Last One (Part 2)

After their emotional goodbye, Ross chases Rachel to the airport and confesses his love, only for Rachel to leave anyway. However, once he got home he was greeted by a surprise answering machine message.

The Last One (Part 2) YouTube