gta 5 highlife update 1.13

Millions of gamers on GTA 5 have long exhausted the game's single player mode and GTA Online, and have been waiting for the heists DLC for a long time. The big question is if Heists will really be worth the wait? Will the DLC meet all the hype and expectations that gamers have for it? Only time will tell.

Below are the factors that will decide GTA 5's future.

Heists Has to be Amazing

Gamers have been waiting for Heists for over six months now. The level of anticipation for the DLC is extremely high and gamers expect Heists to make GTA 5 exciting again. In fact, several gamers have been holding onto their copies of the game so that they can enjoy Heists.

Hence, if Rockstar fails to make Heists an amazing DLC, then their objective of turning GTA 5 into a long-term franchise might not succeed.

Watch-Dogs Releasing Tomorrow

A majority of gamers on GTA 5 have completed their single-player mode and have reached a saturation point on GTA Online. This means that that these gamers will be interested in trying out other open-world games. On top of their list of alternatives is Watch Dogs, which is slated for a release tomorrow.

The game presents a fresh and expansive world, superior graphics, deeper gameplay and new set of open-world dynamics that have the potential to capture gamer interest like never before.

Reports indicate that pre-orders for Watch Dogs have been massive and that it is destined to be one of the most successful games of 2014. This means that Rockstar has to step-up its game if it would like GTA 5 to continue as the king of the open-world action genre.

Single Player DLC

Apart from Heists, Rockstar also has a single player DLC under development. This should add a significant amount of game time to GTA 5 and give the game more longevity.

More Variety

Most gamers are now bored of everything that GTA 5 has to offer. Rockstar must figure out a way to offer new elements and experiences in GTA 5 if they want to retain gamer interest.

Check out this podcast by a panel of experts below to understand more about the impact that Heists can have on GTA 5's future.