Now that Samsung has already released the Galaxy Fold, consumers focus their attention to what's coming next. Following the company's annual cycle, the next lineup to receive a refresh is the Galaxy S series. Nothing concrete has been revealed about what new feature the Galaxy S11 might have on board, but new patent documents could have the answer.

According to sources, the upcoming flagship device will sport a new sensor that will expand the capabilities of what a modern smartphone can do. It is still a long way off until Samsung officially announces anything related to its next project. However, insiders are speculating the S11 is already in the concept stages.

As with any flagship device, manufacturers conventionally strive to include a unique feature and function. This time, it appears to be in the form of an upgraded imaging system. Details that came up include, a 108-megapixel sensor, which supposedly offers up to five times optical zoom, as well as an innovative piece of technology.

According to BGR there are talks about a recent patent application for a new product. The documents reveal that the device in question will apparently pack an infrared spectrometer along with the usual photography modules on the back. This permits the handset to do more than just take stunning photos with vivid detail.

If the leak is to be believed, this could very well make the Galaxy S11 the world's first mobile phone to use the aforementioned technology.

In concept, the infrared spectrometer should allow the smartphone to scan various objects and analyse its characteristics. This gives users estimated information about the sugar content, moisture levels and even heart rate. Other reports are suggesting the South Korean manufacturer will market the technology for health-related applications.

Not long ago, Apple was lauded by critics when the fall detection feature of its fifth-generation smartwatch reportedly saved a man's life. Until Samsung releases the final spec sheet for the Galaxy S11, the infrared spectrometer will remain a speculation for now.

In a related news, the Galaxy Fold is finally available for purchase. However, a tech journalist recently pointed out a defect with his retail unit. This combined with the premium price point, can be prohibitive for most consumers looking to upgrade their smartphones.

DJ Koh
Samsung's Mobile Division President and CEO DJ Koh holds the new Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone during the Samsung Unpacked event on February 20, 2019 in San Francisco, California. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)