He may have spoken highly about Marvel's latest movie Ant-Man on his personal blog but Game Of Thrones author George RR Martin was not completely enamoured with all aspects of the film and revealed he is bored of seeing the same kind of villain in every superhero movie.

The writer of the fantasy series A Song Of Ice And Fire wrote to his followers: "While Yellowjacket [Ant-Man's antagonist, played by Corey Stoll in the movie] makes a decent villain here, in the comics he was actually one of Hank's later identities, after Giant-Man and Goliath.

"And, I am tired of this Marvel movie trope where the bad guy has the same powers as the hero. The Hulk fought the Abomination, who is just a bad Hulk. Spider-Man fights Venom, who is just a bad Spider-Man. Iron Man fights Ironmonger, a bad Iron Man.

"Yawn. I want more films where the hero and the villain have wildly different powers. That makes the action much more interesting."

Paul Rudd in Ant-Man
A Game Of Thrones author George RR Martin claims Ant-Man might be his second favourite Marvel movie Zade Rosenthal/Marvel

Marvel's latest impressed the American novelist nonetheless, with him stating: "Ant-Man has a proper balance of story, character, humour, and action, I think.

"A couple reviewers are calling it the best Marvel movie ever. I won't go that far, but its right up there, maybe second only to the second Sam Raimi/Tobey McGuire Spider-Man film, the one with Doc Ock.

"I've liked most of the Marvel movies, to be sure, I'm still a Marvel fanboy at heart (Excelsior!), but I liked this one more than the first Avengers and a lot more than the second, more than either Thor, more than the second and third Iron Man and maybe just a smidge more than the first (though I liked that one a lot too)."

Martin is currently penning the sixth novel to the Game Of Thrones saga, The Winds Of Winter, which is yet to have an officially release date. The hugely popular HBO series, which is based on the best-selling books, is all caught up with the action that unfolds in the literary versions, so avid watchers are intrigued to see where the show will go when it airs in early 2016 if the book is yet to be completed.