Game of Thrones fans will remember Lord Walder Frey from the Red Wedding episode, which saw the Stark family being killed by the traitors. Although, the fierce Arya Stark assassinated him after serving him pie made of his sons, it seems the Lord of the Twins might be back from the dead in season 7 of the HBO series.

Interestingly, Frey's return has been linked to Arya's deadly intentions in the upcoming GOT season.

According to dedicated fan site Watchers On The Wall, Harry Potter alum David Bradley – who played the role of Frey in previous seasons of Game Of Thrones – might be back this summer.

The website pointed out that Bradley's updated online resume included the anticipated season 7 on his credits hinting that the old Lord might be back in some form.

For GOT fans, seeing a popular character come back from the dead is not surprising, given that Jon Snow was resurrected in season 6, his uncle Benjen Stark was preserved by The Children in a half-dead state and most recently The Hound was still spotted alive in the woods. But, what makes Frey's return unique is his irrelevance in the future plot of the fantasy series.

Neither is Frey a beloved character, nor is he important enough for the Red Priest to bring him back to life. If certain theories and plot leaks are to be believed, the old Lord will be seen once again in GOT season 7 because of Arya, who has acquired the skills of a faceless assassin.

Frey had an integral role in GOT, which was his control over the Twins - a significant crossroad between The North and the Riverlands. Perhaps Arya will assume his face to gain control over his castle to aid the comeback of House Stark. Considering her quest for revenge, it wouldn't surprise fans if the Stark girl uses old Frey's identity to avenge her brother Rob and mother Catelyn's death.

Maisie Williams, the actress who plays Arya on the show, teased the penultimate season in a recent interview saying, "It's so's just a great finale, it makes me excited for the series after."

Game Of Thrones season 7 production is underway and is expected to return on TV in the summer of 2017.

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