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Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) in Game of Thrones. HBO/Sky Atlantic

The final two episodes of Game of Thrones Season 4 – Episode 9 titled 'The Watchers on the Wall' and Episode 10 'The Children' will feature some major twists and shockers that will definitely change the game for good.

Given the enormity of the spoiler below, we have decided to use an image in lieu of our normal written warning - that way you've got plenty of chance to leave this page if you don't want to read what happens.

Spoiler Alert

Anyway, here's what happens.

As reported earlier, Tyrion Lannister - who has been given the death sentence following last episode's shocking events, will eventually survive. But one Lannister will surely die.

After the outcome of the trial, Jaime plots an escape for his younger brother and releases him from the cells. It is during this sequence that he also reveals the truth about Tysha - Tyrion's first wife and one true love...

Apparently, Tyrion's marriage to Tysha did not go down too well with his father Tywin Lannister who crafted an evil lie to get rid of her.

Upon Tywin's insistence, Jaime lied to his younger brother and 'exposed' Tysha as a whore, who was merely playing the young imp.

"In the book, it is stated that Tywin passed the young girl among his guards to have sex with her; for each guard, he gave her silver. To drive the lesson home, Tywin forced his son to be the last man, for whom Tysha was paid a gold coin, because Lannisters were worth more," states the Latin Times report.

When Tyrion learns of this hard truth from Jaime, he decides to confront his father and that's where it all goes...RED. After hearing the truth from Tywin himself, Tyrion gets his revenge and kills his father by shooting him with a cross bow.

That's the end of Tywin Lannister.

Tywin Lannister
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