Game Of Thrones season 6 promised the best episode of the series yet and the show lived up to its commitment. With certain goosebumps-inducing scenes, the episode not only featured one of the most epic battles, it also accelerated the plot for the finale.

Warning: Major spoiler ahead

After an astounding pre-finale episode, fans might expect the 10th instalment of the season to be another filler. But episode director Miguel Sapochnik has warned fans not to take the finale lightly.

Game of Thrones season 6
Cersei Lannister prepares to stand trial before the Seven HBO

"That it feels equally as epic as episode 9 ... but for completely different reasons," he told Entertainment Weekly about what to expect from the finale in which Cersei Lannister prepares to "profess innocence before the Seven" and The High Sparrow.

To increase her agony, her own son Tommen is set to pass judgment against her. But, keeping in mind Cersei's cleverness, it is easy to expect that she must have her plan B ready to tackle the crisis, even in the absence of her brother and lover, Jaime.

Episode 9 acted as a climax by featuring some of the most epic scenes featuring Daenerys Stormborn, Jon Snow, Ramsay Bolton and Sansa Stark. Though anticipation was high regarding a Ramsay versus Jon battle, Dany's war line managed to stay a well-kept secret by the show creators and episode directors.

In an astonishing sequence, the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea unleashes a scorching attack on the masters who returned to claim their ownership of Meereen. This is the first time in the show, when fans could watch her other two dragons, Rhaegal and Viserion, break free from their prison and attack the army after their mother issues a "dracarys" command to them.

With the powerful appearance, the Queen of Meereen proves that her "reign has just begun," and she is the rightful claimant of the Iron Throne.

Cut to Winterfell where Sansa warns her brother Jon of Ramsay's vicious mind games that he plays to weaken his opponent. But it appears, the former Lord Commander of the Night's Watch still thinks of his sister as a fragile woman who was abused by the ruthless Bolton.

But it looks like Sansa was right about Rickon's fate. The Bolton army starts slaughtering the wildlings after Jon falls into Ramsay's trap. The nail-biting moment made fans believe that this could be the end of Jon; and Lady Melissandre resurrected him only to die while fighting for Winterfell.

It's at this point Ygritte's favourite line, "You know nothing Jon Snow" comes to mind. Sansa couldn't trust her brother's war strategies and her SOS has been answered by Petyr Baelish who brings his massive army to run over the Bolton men and save the remainder of Jon's army.

Knowing his fate, Ramsay calls for a trial by combat but before he can finish shooting all his arrows at Jon, the bastard son of Ned Stark storms forward and punches him in the face, leaving him nearly dead. While many fans thought that this would finally bring an end to the brutal lord, Sansa had other plans.

Seeking revenge for the countless tortures she endured, she leaves Ramsay's hounds at his bloody body and walks away with a cold smirk.