Game of Thrones season 6
The Night's King and Bran Stark have a deadly encounter in Game Of Thrones season 6 episode 5 resulting in Hodor's death YouTube Screengrab/HBO

HBO has finally released the action-packed trailer for Game Of Thrones season 7 but two very important parts of the show remained missing from the exclusive clips. While fans got a fair idea about the goal of the three central characters, Cersei Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, plenty of questions remained unanswered as Bran Stark and the Night's King were missing.

From the very first promotional campaign for the seventh season, HBO has been teasing the threat of the White Walkers but surprisingly none of the Undeads made an appearance in the teaser. Ned Stark's only living son, Bran, who will be a major link between the supernatural creatures and the humans led by his brother Jon, was also nowhere to be seen in the teaser while the rest of his siblings promised fierce action in the upcoming episode.

In the sixth season, Bran had a direct encounter with the Night's King, thanks to his ability to time travel. But it did not go down well as the blue-eyed icy king left his mark on the last living Stark son resulting in the death of Hodor. The Stark teen, who has now become the Three-eyed Raven, has since been struggling to find a way back home by crossing the giant icy wall.

Little does he know that life beyond the Walls has turned upside down. However, it is not known how his arrival will be connected with the White Walkers. Certain fan theories suggest Bran will ultimately cross the great Wall. But because the Night's King has left a mark on him in the previous season, he might be able to reverse the magic of the Wall and destroy the Watchers brotherhood before moving towards human society.

The freshly released trailer's main focus is on the "Great War" that is expected to be fought between the evil queen of Westeros and the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, who has arrived at her ancestral ground, the Dragon Stone.

But amid the focus on the Great War, it appears, Ser Davos is the only sane human being who has sensed the danger of the icy threat that is slowly approaching from the north.

"If we don't put aside our enmities, and band together we will die. And then it doesn't matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne," he told someone.

Anticipation is high that HBO will release another trailer close to the season's premiere date and it may heavily focus on the bitter and dark winter, the terror of the White Walkers and Bran's struggle to reach his family.

Game Of Thrones season 7 returns on 16 July on HBO.